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Who we are, what we do?


DragonWorks Performance is an automotive performance company based in southern California in the U.S.A. All our performance chips are American Made in house and our programming is 100% unique and created by our company. We have invested over 20 years into the knowledge we have about how the ECU works with the motor and transmission and we have created a unique program that is cutting edge, with its unique β€œself-learn” coding. It not only will be able to increase the performance of stock motors but also learn when performance parts are added and will make further adjustments to provide even bigger gains!

We started out as many of you; we were a group of car enthusiasts and we would buy performance chips for our cars (along with other performance parts) always looking to get just a little more performance gain. Over time we learned that each type of chip and tune on the market had its positives and negatives. Most chips on the market would boast performance gains but we could barely notice any changes at all, even on dyno we would see at best 10hp gain. And they were always locked to the basic stock vehicle unless you went with a custom tune. Custom tunes were great and would be adjusted as you modify your vehicle more but they cost several hundreds to thousands of dollars to get. So, we decided to create our own chip for our cars. We brought together the cost-effective design of a plug-in chip with the unique β€œself-learn” program that would give you further adjustments as you modify your vehicle even further just like you get with a custom tune without all the costs.


For Our Customers

Our Experience & Dedication

Over the many years we grew into a large company producing high end performance chips at amazingly competitive pricing and yielding gains that can’t be beat. We expanded from USA vehicles to producing performance chips to vehicles from all over the world and in every country. We guarantee you will get some of the best performance and fuel gains on the market with our chips. We have been around for over 20 years and are leading the way in performance.