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Increased Performance

Gain up to 45% more in HP (Hours Power) and Torque throughout all RPM ranges.

Increased Fuel Economy

Increase your vehicles fuel economy by up to 35% in all seasonal/weather conditions.

Maximize Vehicle Capabilities

Our chip can maximize your vehicles capabilities making it easier to do what you love.

Welcome to

DragonWorks Performance

DragonWorks Performance is an automotive performance company based in southern California in the U.S.A. All our performance chips are American Made in house and our programming is 100% unique and created by our company.

Surpassing the Competition

DragonWorks Performance carries a wide variety of Performance and Fuel Saving Chips for your needs

We carry a variety of styles that go from mainly fuel saving to full performance gains as well as chips that balance between both.

Unmatched Performance

DragonWorks Performance products are second to none when it comes to performance and ease of use.

High Quality

We use the latest chipset on the market for maximum quality, integrity, efficiency speed and performance.

Amazing Fuel Savings

Our unique programs are custom tailored to match your vehicles capabilities from the manufacturer to provide you with some of the best fuel economy savings on the market.

Lifetime Warranties

All our products with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

30 Day Full Satisfaction

We are so sure you will love our products that we give you a full 30 days to try our chip our and if not fully satisfied simply return it for a 100% refund.

1-2-3 Installation

At DragonWorks Performance we take every measure possible to design products that are as easy as 1-2-3 to install in only minutes with no tools or modifications required.

How It Works

Step 1

Plug in DragonWorks Performance Chip.

Step 2

Turn vehicle to ON position for 10 seconds.

Step 3

Start your vehicle and enjoy the ride.


Vehicle’s Fullest Potential

We have taken our chips and put them to the test in some of the harshest environments and treatments you can, from performing in the extreme heat of the desert to frigid colds of sleet and snow, from testing in high winds to testing in flooding rains, from flat valleys to steep inclines of mountains. We have tested our chips programming to bring you the most performance gains and fuel economy while being able to maintain 100% safety of your vehicles mechanical and electrical components.

Our performance chips are dyno proven with the highest gains on this market! Don’t confuse this product for some cheap “fits all vehicles and best tunes” knockoff. Our chip delivers you full power through CUSTOM tunes for your vehicle alone. You simply plug it into your OBD2 port and get ready for proven performance!

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